Brendan Cullen


SaaS platform for Board of Director member engagement and governance

  • Role

    Information Architecture, User Experience Strategy and Design, Front End Development

  • Technology

    .NET C#, HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery

  • Tools

    Post-Its, User Research Panels, Rapid Iterative Prototyping, Visual Studio, Git

  • Deliverable

    Fully responsive SaaS web application

Project Notes

BoardMax is a platform for Board of Director member engagement and governance used by companies, hospitals and healthcare systems, nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, and government entities. The legacy application was originally a bootstrapped Windows native application that had grown organically with the company and was showing its age. Losing to competitors with iOS and Android offerings, the decision was made to design a simplified, fully responsive web application re-imagined from the ground up. Because the primary user base had low technical knowledge, the goal was made to keep all features and actions of the app no more than two steps from the home screen.


After the redesign we more than doubled paying clients (211 to 459) and nearly tripled the active user base (9,871 to 27,095) in just over 2 years, leading to the app being acquired by Diligent Corporation in 2017.


I immersed myself in the existing application, clicking around on my own and sitting in on client training sessions. I interviewed stakeholders within the company, and was lucky enough to have a small but engaged panel of users to discover pain points and gather feedback.

Starting with a whiteboard and an ever-morphing wall of Post-It notes, I sketched and organized more intuitive user flows. During this I kept an open-door policy and invited everyone from the front lines of customer support to the Founder of the company to drop in and give me insight on where I was hitting, and more importantly where I was missing as the new site map took shape.

Once the information architecture was more or less nailed down, I took advantage of some rough design explorations from the graphic designer in the Marketing Department and jumped straight into the browser, designing a clickable prototype in HTML/CSS, and a bit of JQuery to mock interactions.

The benefit of this was two-fold: I was able to watch company stakeholders and our user panel click through actions and watch them succeed or get lost, and quickly iterate new designs and interactions, including correcting my initial design for administrative functions that tested well internally but failed spectacularly with our real users!

As the prototype was being finalized, I took a bit of extra time to polish up the code to a production ready state. Once final approval was obtained we had a completed fully functioning responsive front end framework ready for hand off to our software developers to implement with the back end programming. This approach significantly reduced our projected development.

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